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SW Path/Capital City Trail/Lake Monona Trail Loop

Easy Ride/Trail 17.6 miles
Madison, WI - 0.69 to route start

Monona Lake Loop

Medium Ride/Trail 12.9 miles
Madison, WI - 0.72 to route start

Trek Polar Social Roll

Easy Ride/Trail 0.0 miles
Madison, WI - 0.86 to route start

East-side Ride

Easy Ride/Trail 8.0 miles
Madison, WI - 2.30 to route start

Evening roll with custard

Easy Ride/Trail 6.3 miles
Madison, WI - 2.67 to route start

1st Annual Lucky Rooster RIde

Easy Ride/Trail 7.9 miles
Fitchburg, WI - 4.01 to route start

Capital Brewery Group Rides

Easy Ride/Trail 25.2 miles
Middleton, WI - 5.99 to route start

Verona/Riley Pancake Ride

Easy Ride/Trail 5.9 miles
Verona, WI - 8.92 to route start

The Ride

Easy Ride/Trail 59.5 miles
Sun Prairie, WI - 9.26 to route start

The Ride

Easy Ride/Trail 0.0 miles
Sun Prairie, WI - 9.26 to route start

Grumpy Troll 2A Tyrol 10

Easy Ride/Trail 10.7 miles
Mount Horeb, WI - 17.61 to route start

Grumpy Troll 8C

Medium Ride/Trail 26.2 miles
Mount Horeb, WI - 17.61 to route start

Grumpy Troll 1C

Medium Ride/Trail 28.6 miles
Mount Horeb, WI - 17.61 to route start

BREW (Bicycle Ride Exploring Wisconsin)

Medium Ride/Trail 104.3 miles
Mount Horeb, WI - 18.09 to route start

Tour Da Goose

Medium Ride/Trail 0.0 miles
Aztalan, WI - 29.31 to route start

Portage Kiwanis Ride to Read

Medium Ride/Trail 61.1 miles
Portage, WI - 32.23 to route start

Tour Da Goose bike ride

Medium Ride/Trail 0.0 miles
Watertown, WI - 34.67 to route start


Medium Ride/Trail 28.8 miles
Watertown, WI - 35.89 to route start

MS 150 Day 2

Medium Ride/Trail 105.9 miles
Whitewater, WI - 36.47 to route start

Wine & Cheese Wisconsin

Medium Ride/Trail 110.0 miles
Dodgeville, WI - 37.55 to route start

St Paul to MKE Day 3

Medium Ride/Trail 88.1 miles
Reedsburg, WI - 43.32 to route start

Reedsburg to Wisconsin Dells Amtrak Station

Easy Ride/Trail 15.5 miles
Reedsburg, WI - 43.67 to route start

Lac LaBelle loop

Easy Ride/Trail 8.8 miles
Oconomowoc, WI - 45.44 to route start

Lake Country bike trail loop

Easy Ride/Trail 20.2 miles
Oconomowoc, WI - 45.44 to route start

Richland Center Revenge

Hard Ride/Trail 20.7 miles
Richland Center, WI - 52.65 to route start

MS 150 Day 1

Medium Ride/Trail 95.3 miles
Pewaukee, WI - 57.80 to route start

Treadfest WORS MTB Race 9/6/15

Medium Ride/Trail 1.0 miles
Lyons, WI - 60.47 to route start

July Factory Ride

Medium Ride/Trail 58.3 miles
Waterford, WI - 63.41 to route start

August Factory Ride

Medium Ride/Trail 59.5 miles
Waterford, WI - 63.42 to route start

The 400 Trail

Medium Ride/Trail 23.0 miles
Elroy, WI - 63.54 to route start

Wheeling for Healing

Easy Ride/Trail 3.9 miles
Menomonee Falls, WI - 64.20 to route start

Men Falls Scenic Road Ride - 45-60min

Medium Ride/Trail 11.9 miles
Menomonee Falls, WI - 64.60 to route start

Big Bend loop

Medium Ride/Trail 27.7 miles
New Berlin, WI - 66.68 to route start

Lake Mills

Medium Ride/Trail 51.3 miles
New Berlin, WI - 66.75 to route start

Marsh road loop

Medium Ride/Trail 41.9 miles
New Berlin, WI - 66.77 to route start

Sod Farms

Medium Ride/Trail 38.2 miles
New Berlin, WI - 66.79 to route start

Movin on the Mascoutin Trail

Easy Ride/Trail 0.0 miles
Utica, WI - 67.88 to route start

Menomonee River MTB Trails

Easy Ride/Trail 8.8 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 68.85 to route start

Ride on the Wild Side

Medium Ride/Trail 17.2 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 69.04 to route start

Hoyt Park

Easy Ride/Trail 2.1 miles
Wauwatosa, WI - 69.37 to route start

Tosa Roubaix

Easy Ride/Trail 45.9 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 69.99 to route start

Networking Ride

Easy Ride/Trail 67.5 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 70.00 to route start

Milwaukee County Alpha Mountain Bike Trail

Medium Ride/Trail 3.2 miles
Franklin, WI - 70.15 to route start


Easy Ride/Trail 29.7 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 70.28 to route start


Easy Ride/Trail 40.9 miles
Wauwatosa, WI - 70.30 to route start


Easy Ride/Trail 42.6 miles
Wauwatosa, WI - 70.34 to route start

Milwaukee to Jefferson via Glacial Drumlin and other trails

Medium Ride/Trail 52.6 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 71.36 to route start

Oak Leaf to Ozaukee Urban and back

Easy Ride/Trail 40.9 miles
, - 71.86 to route start

Milwaukee to Caledonia

Easy Ride/Trail 22.6 miles
, - 72.04 to route start

Tour de Fest

Hard Ride/Trail 0.0 miles
Empire, WI - 72.36 to route start

Scenic Shore Day 1

Medium Ride/Trail 100.6 miles
Mequon, WI - 72.75 to route start

36th Annual BCLC Ramble

Medium Ride/Trail 0.0 miles
Salem, WI - 73.73 to route start

MKEBKE Monthly Group Bike Ride

Easy Ride/Trail 2.3 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 75.00 to route start

Riverwest 24

Easy Ride/Trail 4.3 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 75.63 to route start

Ride Milwaukee

Easy Ride/Trail 0.0 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 75.69 to route start

Bay View to Miller Park

Easy Ride/Trail 6.8 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 75.99 to route start

Virmond Park - Newburg - Cedarburg

Medium Ride/Trail 58.3 miles
Mequon, WI - 76.30 to route start

2015 Milwaukee Tweed Ride

Easy Ride/Trail 3.3 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 76.94 to route start

SS to S

Medium Ride/Trail 15.1 miles
Viroqua, WI - 78.60 to route start

SS Scott to Gore S

Medium Ride/Trail 22.3 miles
Viroqua, WI - 78.62 to route start

M to J

Medium Ride/Trail 23.2 miles
Franklin, WI - 79.87 to route start

Port Washington to Harrington Beach

Medium Ride/Trail 32.0 miles
Port Washington, WI - 80.40 to route start

Port Washington to Covered Bridge

Easy Ride/Trail 19.3 miles
Port Washington, WI - 80.61 to route start

CowaLUNGa Bike Tour

Medium Ride/Trail 76.3 miles
Warren Township, IL - 90.42 to route start

Sparta to Elroy

Medium Ride/Trail 34.8 miles
Sparta, WI - 92.25 to route start

Elroy Sparta Trail

Medium Ride/Trail 33.9 miles
Sparta, WI - 92.25 to route start

The Green Circle Trail

Easy Ride/Trail 93.2 miles
Stevens Point, WI - 97.97 to route start
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Health Tips

Making healthy choices before, during, and immediately after your ride is an important aspect of bicycle safety. Read below for some quick tips that will make your ride better!

Stay Hydrated
  • As with any physical activity, staying hydrated is important. By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated
  • Try to drink small, frequent quantities of water
  • Invest in a water bottle that can be mounted on your bike
Remember Proper Nutrition
  • Cycling will increase your body's need for energy. Try to eat small, frequent meals while on a ride to avoid running low
  • Consider taking small energy bars with you in a saddle bag on your bike
Stretch Properly
  • Leaning downward on your bike can lead to poor chest flexibility. Spend a few minutes before and after a ride stretching, ideally including the chest every time
Build Up Endurance
  • Long rides will help your body to build up endurance
  • Experiment with faster-paced riding in intervals. For example, ride faster for 10 minutes, then recover for 10 minutes, and repeat

Source: http://www.realbuzz.com/articles/top-10-cycling-training-tips-us-en/#pagination-top

Basic Maintenance

You can make your bike last a lifetime with some basic maintenance. Learn the “ABC Quick Check” below and incorporate it into your pre-ride routine. If your bike needs repair, use the map feature on this site to find your nearest bike shop and take it in.

The "ABC Quick Check"

A is for air
  • Inflate tires to rated pressure as listed on the tire wall
  • Use a pressure gauge to ensure proper tire pressure (bicycle tires need to be re-inflated more often than car tires)
  • Check for damage to tire tread and sidewall. Replace tire if worn
B is for brakes
  • Rotate wheels to check that nothing is rubbing
  • Inspect brake pads for wear. Replace if there is less than 1/4" of pad left
  • Check adjustment on brake pads. Make sure pads do not rub tire or dive into spokes
  • Check adjustment of brake levers. When applied, there should be at least 1" between each lever and the handlebar
C is for cranks, chain, and cassette
  • Chain should be clean, lubricated, and quiet — not chattering, squeaking, or squealing
  • Use a lubricant that's specifically designed for bicycles
  • If your chain skips while riding, you might need a new chain, a new cassette, and/or an adjustment
  • Make sure that your crank bolts are tight
Quick is for quick releases
  • Wheels need to be tight in the frame, with the hub's quick-release lever fully engaged at a 90-degree angle
  • Your hub's quick release lever should point back to insure that nothing catches on it
  • Inspect brake quick releases to insure that they are engaged
Check is for check it over
  • Inspect the bike for loose or broken parts. Tighten, replace, or fix any that are found
  • Check to make sure that your helmet is snug and level on your head, with straps snugly adjusted
  • Take a quick ride to check if derailleurs and brakes are working properly
  • Pay extra attention to your bike during the first few miles of the ride
  • If your bike does not pass the ABC Quick Check, it needs repairs or service work. Take it in to your local bike dealer or bike shop for assistance

For more tips and information on riding safety, please visit shareandbeaware.org

Riding Safety

Safety is key when biking — whether you’re on a path or sharing the road with motorists. Follow these key safety tips for a safe, fun ride — whether you’re in the city or on a county road

Follow the Rules of the Road
  • Ride with traffic and obey the same laws as motorists
  • Use the rightmost lane that heads in the direction that you are traveling
  • Obey all traffic control devices, such as stop signs, lights, and lane markings
  • Always look back when changing lane position. Use hand and arm signals to indicate your intention to stop, merge, or turn
Be Visible
  • Ride where drivers can see you, three feet from the edge of the roadway and parked cars
  • At night, use a white front light and red rear light or reflector. Wear reflective tape or clothing if practical
Be Predictable
  • Ride in a straight line. Do not swerve between parked cars
  • Make eye contact with motorists to let them know you are there
  • Adults should not ride on the sidewalk
Wear a Helmet Properly
  • Make sure that the helmet fits on top of your head, not tipped back or forward
  • After a crash or any impact that affects your helmet, replace it immediately, regardless of if there is visible damage or not
Share and Be Aware
  • Be aware of traffic around you and be prepared to take evasive action
  • Be extra alert at intersections
  • Learn braking and turning techniques to avoid crashes
  • Yield to pedestrians on trails and in crosswalks

For more tips and information on riding safety, please visit shareandbeaware.org

Family Bicycling

Family bicycling can be a fantastic way to have fun outdoors. Check out the trail section of this site for great family-friendly bike routes, and read below for tips on how to make sure your children have a safe, fun ride!

General Tips
  • Children and adults should always wear a snugly fitting helmet with the chin strap buckled. For more information, visit helmet.org
  • Don't carry a baby on a bicycle until the child can sit upright while supporting the weight of its own head and a helmet
  • Adults should teach by example: Wear a helmet every time you ride and obey all traffic laws
  • Be visible: Use flags, flashing lights, and reflectors on all types of child carriers, as well as on children's bikes
  • Check that small children and all equipment are secure and safely strapped in before each and every ride
Riding With Children on Their Own Bikes
  • Children should ride in a single-file line
  • With one adult, ride behind and slightly to the left of children
  • With two adults, the more experienced biker rides in the back and the other in the front
  • Adults should communicate to the children where to go, and coach them on their position

For more tips and information on riding safety, please visit shareandbeaware.org

Group Rides

Group rides are a great way to enjoy biking in the Badger state! Find a ride using this site, and make sure you have a safe and enjoyable trip with these tips.

Be Predictable
  • Follow all traffic laws
  • Hold your line: Ride in a predictable manner at a close but safe distance slightly to the side of the rider in front of you
  • It's not a race: Maintain an even speed. Don't "attack" when it is your turn at the front and don't brake suddenly
  • Ride bar to bar: When riding two-by-two, it's dangerous to half-wheel your neighbor. Work to keep handlebars in the same line
Don't Impede Traffic
  • Under state law, bicyclists can ride two abreast unless traffic is impeded
  • On higher volume two-lane roads with little or no shoulder, you should ride single-file in one pace line, a few feet from the edge of the rightmost travel lane
  • On higher volume, multilane roads with wide shoulders, and on low volume town roads, you can ride two abreast
  • Keep groups to around 20 riders or fewer. If your group exceeds 20 riders, break up into multiple groups. Larger groups make it difficult for motorists to find safe passing locations
  • Point out road hazards with your fingers to alert the riders behind you.
  • Use hand signals to indicate turns (left or right arm straight out), hazards (point), or stopping (arm down with palm to the rear)
  • Announce turns and stops in advance of intersections to give riders a chance to position themselves
Watch Out at Intersections
  • Be aware that most crashes with motor vehicles occur at intersections
  • Stop at all stop signs
  • Cyclists should NOT follow others through intersections without first scanning and following all traffic signs and signals
  • Do not announce "clear" or "good" at intersections: It is the responsibility of all riders to determine if the intersection is clear
Be a Strong Leader
  • The safety of the group depends greatly on the eyes, ears, and behavior of the lead riders
  • Be aware that riders in the back of the pack do not have full view of the roadway
  • Proceed slowly through an intersection until all riders have rejoined the group
Be a Strong Follower
  • The riders at the back of the pack should announce the presence of a passing automobile with "Car back"
  • The pack functions best when it stays together: If riders are dropping off the back, notify the front riders to adjust the pace
Have Fun!
  • Wisconsin is a premier state for cycling. Stay safe, and have fun on your ride

For more safety information, visit shareandbeaware.org

Trail/Path Etiquette

Wisconsin has hundreds of great bike trails to enjoy, from paved to dirt. Check out the map feature of this site to find one for your ride, and be a courteous trail user with these tips.

  • Ride in a single-file line. You may ride two abreast if you will not block other traffic on the path or trail. On curving or hilly trails, ride single-file
  • Stay on the right except to pass other traffic
  • When passing, pass on the left. Clearly alert others, typically by loudly declaring "On your left!" before passing
  • Always look before changing positions on the trail
  • Control your speed. Trails are not an appropriate place for high-speed riding
  • Pack it in, pack it out. Please respect the trail and pick up all litter
  • Enjoy! Wisconsin has miles and miles of beautiful trails. Use the Routes section of Ride On Wisconsin for more information

For more tips and information on riding safety, please visit shareandbeaware.org

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